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Spring Rolls @ The Sheppard Centre

Book your parties now at Spring Rolls, wine dine and relax to the cool vibes of Live Fusion Jazz music on the weekends... We Validate Parking!

Signature Appetizers
Tornado Rolls -
tiger shrimp in the "eye of the storm"
Sexy Summer Salad Rolls -
smoked salmon tango and tiger shrimps in California greens,rolled in rice paper wraps
Famous Spring Roll Platter -
springroll, shrimp roll, house roll & cold roll served with mango salad
Tom Yum Goong Soup -
tiger shrimps, lemongrass, galangal, lime leaves, mushrooms, chilli and lemon juice.
Satay Chicken -
3 Skewers of marinated chicken breat in lemon grass and tumeric served with mango salad and our famous peanut sauce
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Famous House Pad Thai -
Thai rice noodles in lime juice, tamarind and tomato sauce. Comes with Shrimp and Chicken and Ingredients: tofu, egg, peanuts, sprouts, coriander and much more....
Calafornia Lettuce Wrap -
Chicken breadt delicately flavoured in oyster sauce w/crunchy vermicelli in fresh lettuce wrap
General Tao Chicken with Rice -
lightly breaded chicken, brocolli, peppers and mixed vegetables in Chef Hai's unique General Tao Sauce
Thai Green Curry with Beef -
green curry paste with coconut milk cooked with fresh herbs eggplants, tofu and mixed vegetables server on steamed rice
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Saigonlini -
Alize Gold Passion and Captian Morgan's Rum
Spring Roll-lini -
Alize Red Passion and Smirnoff Vodka
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